Connecting You to YOU

I am Kanika Kohli, founder 2mincoach and an evangelist of the Inner Coach. I have spent over two decades in corporate roles with illustrious brands and had some very insightful experiences. The journey was full of learning and some very empowering achievements, but something was missing for me- which felt like a big gap! During a Coach training session, I connected with my Life Purpose- “I am the Energy That Nurtures Life”. That was it! I decided to put my entire focus in building my Coaching Practice to help ambitious people such as you to find the Clarity, Confidence, Conviction and Courage to design the Life that You are Meant to Live.

What do you coach? You coach the Gap. Build the bridge that takes people from where they are today to where they want or need to be" ~ Keith Rosen


Within us exists immense potential and the inner knowingness. We only need to explore, discover & connect within. Even in a series of conversations, sometimes it is just 2minutes that bring about a deeper shift in our life. These shifts change our life for good. I support and empower young ambitious people to discover and build on their unique strengths, talents and consciously use those gifts for their success. I partner with you to define and design your own success.


As a business leader at Gallup I was trained to become a Certified Coach in 2011. I loved the process of coaching but I continued doing several things alongside. In 2013, I started my entrepreneurial journey as a Coach, Director and Consultant promoting a more Mindful & Compassionate Life. Having successfully worked on several assignments, established brands and grown businesses, what I loved most about my work was to help people become successful.


  • MBA- Finance (Gold Medalist), IMT-G

  • Honors in Network Centered Computing, NIIT

  • Strategic Decision Making and Change Management, Manchester Business School, UK

  • Capital Re Structuring and Corporate Finance, London Business School


  • Gallup Strengths Performance Coach

  • NLP Practitioner (Richard Bandler)

  • Working with Young People, OCC Canada

  • InnerMost Shift Coach (ICF)

  • GrowMore Coach (ICF)

  • CB5 Knowledge Consultant

  • Gallup Interview Specialist

  • Relationship Counseling, OCC Canada