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Value Conscious Decision Making

Value Card & Awareness

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Service Description

A group session to discover own values and the impact on Behaviour. Key patterns that are supported by the values and the ones that do not serve us well. As children we are taught the importance of moral values, however the thread stays untied with us in the sense that we often get judgmental and later quite confused (morally) as individuals as we grow older. The key element missing is our own connect with our values (we all have innately) and what does each of these mean to us. The Value Conscious model helps individuals (students, managers, teams) identify and define their core values. The way the program is designed & conducted is to help the individuals to understand and connect with their own values & somewhat to that of their families (parents, spouse, friends). The awareness & understanding helps them comprehend the behaviors, patterns thus helping them to be logical and build strong value based ability in their life. This actually addresses many teen age, relationship, teamwork problems of conflict, dissonance and issues felt by individuals at home & outside. Outcome: Value Card & Awareness

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